Adam & Chris Carroll w/ Peter Joly/ Naomi Ashley

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

ADAM & CHRIS CARROLL Adam Carroll “Among singer-songwriters, Adam Carroll is probably Austin’s best-kept secret. His tunes are marvels of economy; ...constantly inventive and decidedly offbeat...Live at Flipnotics offers a typically low-key yet inviting overview of his career." - Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle

“Influences? Adam Carroll. I used to skip my own gigs to go watch far my favorite, somebody whose writing style I emulated in some ways.” - Hayes Carll, No Depression 2011

Chris Carroll Chis Carroll is originally from St. Catharines, Ontario. She now lives in San Marcos, Texas with her husband and music partner Adam Carroll.

Carroll’s music does a little bit of genre hopping, pulling in influences from all over the map, but her music is still deep within the Americana roots and has the ability to draw in an audience. Chris released her debut record, “Trouble & Time” in 2014, produced by David Beck (Sons of Fathers & Blue Healer).

“Chris Carroll’s recording, Trouble & Time, has so many expressions…just like a human face. Tracks like “Mister” smirk at you while “Dreaming You Up” has a Mona Lisa smile quality to it. Each song emotes such intimate eye contact, just like her live performance, and I don’t think Chris will be the first to blink.” ~ Susan Gibson NAOMI ASHLEY With her cream-and-Kahlua voice, Chicago's Naomi Ashley is a dazzling performer who brings her songs to startling, vibrant life. When she's singing, she disappears into the song. Her pitch-perfect voice has the ability to convey pitch perfect emotional life. The music she makes is intimate, plainspoken and gorgeously sung – drawing on the American folk, blues and country traditions – which surge with all the contradictory impulses of real, imperfect life.

She is a 3-time recipient of grants from the Chicago Artist Assistance Program and Illinois Arts Council for her albums 'Trying to Fly' (2013) and 'Another Year or So' (2007).

PETER JOLY Peter Joly is a Buffalo born troubadour-Chicago transplant since '93 (Big Breakfast, For Pilots). Peter's songs are deep as the valleys and as high as the hills. Authentic and truthful. A master wordsmith in the americana/folk realm. A real treasure.