WHAT'S IT LIKE TO BE YOU? with Ben Hollis

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO BE? Created and performed by eight-time Emmy Award winner and Studs Terkel Media Award recipient Ben Hollis, WILTBY completely turns the tables on the traditional stage experience. Immediately prior to the performance Hollis circulates among attendees, finding several volunteers willing to engage in a 5-10 minute interview. Each interviewee, deftly guided by Hollis, humorously reveals “What’s It Like To Be You?”

NOTE: No one is interviewed without first giving his or her permission. It’s okay just to watch!

While every interview is unique, the emotions, strengths, and authentic feelings uncovered by Hollis powerfully demonstrate how much we have in common beyond our apparent differences. “Big laughs and endless surprise...No one can sit through such a show and not get a feel for the vulnerabilities and strengths of those who participate.” – The Chicago Tribune “It's like you've found a fun way for strangers to connect in an intimate way without taking their clothes off… I laughed, a lot!!” – WILTBY participant

THIS SHOW will feature a SPECIAL GUEST interviewee Rich Koz best known as Svengoolie and host of The Koz Zone. Svengoolie has been the premier horror show icon of Chicago, since multiple Emmy award winner Rich Koz became the hand-picked successor to the original Svengoolie back in the late '70s. He has appeared on a national basis on MeTV since April 2011 - and generations of viewers have become fans of the monstrous mirth and movies that this video vampire dispenses every week over the airwaves.joe fournier

Live music will be fatured starting at 5pm w/ local Improvisational musicians David Walker and Joe Fournier and will continue intermittenlty throughout the interviews.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary event!