Cheryl Lynn Tomblin w/ Dina Simone

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

Cheryl Lynn Tomblin Cheryl Lynn Tomblin's full length album "Mockingbird" was a long time coming. Generally performing under her project moniker PIPES, she decided to go by her birth name to take her music into a more personal space. This album, full of dark musings and contemplative desires, pulls from many influences such as Cassandra Wilson, Chris Cornell, John Lee Hooker, Alice in Chains, Morphine and A.K.A.C.O.D

Dina Simone Dina Simone is a bad ass. She also likes dinosaurs, pizza and space, not in any particular order. She’s got a dog named ‘Snots’ that will eat your dog. She rides a pink Haro BMX bike and trains with ninjas, among other things. They call her “Mean-a”. She does not fuck around.

In 2019, the Dance Bullies bassist steps out as a solo artist after playing a decade of shows with Midwest soul band, The Reverent Few (featuring Paige DeChausse of American Idol), singer/songwriter ManCub and folk-grunge rockers Murder City Saints.

Rumor has it Simone specializes in making booties bounce and titties shake, brutally honest break-up songs and reimagined renditions of 90s hip-hop hits. Well, that’s true. But the Chicago soul singer and multi-instrumentalist doesn’t stop there. Simone’s genre-crossing vibe fits a wide range of bills — from indie rap-rock to acoustic singer-songwriter shows, and more.