A Community of Strangers: Photo Project by Nagle Photography

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

Meeting people face to face in a public setting will never lose it's appeal. Within a neighborhood, a small bar, even inside the unlikeliest of places - a supermarket! This supermarket inspired Ukrainian Village resident Joseph Nagle to photograph about 30 members of this community.

The goal was to capture camaraderie. This photo exhibit by Joe represents many things.....a personal passion of black and white photography, love of music and performance and a realization of how much this community and it's people mean to him!

We invite you to take part in this exhibit and extend the community of friends!

With musical performances by: Steve Delisi Dead Freddie Acoustic Duo Saddleman DJ Set by radioruta Outtaspace in Berwyn Doors open at 6pm...music starts at 7pm