Grosso Brothers/ Ricky Liontones/ Ian Leith

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

GROSSO BROTHERS Three parts Grosso, one part rock. Grosso Brothers Band is a rock collage of 90s covers and intense originals delivered by the Unholy Trinity of Brotherly Rock!

RICKY LIONTONES “Have you ever been to a local show, and the moment a band starts playing you thought to yourself: “I would not want to follow that act."? Ricky Liontones is that band. His songs - a mix of originals and covers performed with palpable reverence to their creators - are recipes for smiles, unity, and introspection. As a singer, guitarist, and front-man, he lovingly focuses raw musical talent, technical prowess, and no-apologies bravado on the audience. While his stage-presence is an homage to the "throw-a-TV-through-the-hotel-window" antics of yesteryear, Ricky's off-stage attitude is exceedingly respectful, professional, and courteous. Seamlessly cutting across diverse genres, his musical projects include Dogs of Fortune, The Polite Machines, Mutts, Chicago Funk Mafia, Atomic Love, and tributes nights for David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Prince, and others. He has performed at dozens of venues around Chicago including Lincoln Hall, the Metro, Reggie's, the Double Door, Beat Kitchen, and more. At his core, Ricky believes that music illuminates people inside; one just has to tune-in and drop-out. “ -Michael Northup Virgilio

IAN LEITH Ian Leith is a master of the song. Conjuring endless songs from the past and present like a human jukebox. Also a distinct songwriter and leader of the band The Dozen Buzzin' Cousins.