The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

Enjoy a cosmically renewing collabortive arts experience from enthusiastic and passionate Chicago based creators combining their artistic, musical and spiritual practices to offer you a healing experience. All you have to do is lie down comfortably! Listen to a collaboration of different sounds and instruments by professional musicans while reiki is being channeled throughout the space. Special addition to the experience is Aaron Mitchell, owner of Outtaspace and live visual artist creating a visual representation of this cosmically renewing experience!

Expect Indian style flutes, harmonium, singing bowls, idiopan drum, bells and more

As a group, we are navigating through this timeline channeling in high vibrational energy to alter our consciousness into our natural state of complete love through what we call, energy music. Through these types of practices we transcend and create an auric field of collective energy that influences beyond space and time. The magick is all around us, it is within us, and accessible the more we open up the vessels and clear the auric field.


Ann Marie is a straight up magician and master of creating space. She is artist, yogi, energy worker, and an emotional intuitive. A practioner of the healing arts with a focus on using visualization to draw people into a hypnotic, meditative and transformative state. She combines her knowledge of different modalities and arts to bring healing to a whole new approach.

José Guadalupe is a professional musician and artist based out of Chicago. Primarily a woodwind musician, Jose is particularly excited about the study of musical improvisation as a spiritual device. Jose received his Bachelors in Saxophone Performance from Elmhurst College and enjoys freelancing as a performer, music director, and educator. As a collaborative artist, Jose loves meeting with other creators to co-curate a transformation.

Aaron Mitchell is a visual artist, singer/songwriter, creative collaborator and the owner of the innovative Arts & Music venue, The Outta Space in Berwyn, IL. He is also the founder of Berwyn Arts & Music (BAM), a nonprofit that provides meaningful and engaging arts opportunities for Berwyn Area youth. He was born and raised in Fort Lupton, Colorado and migrated to Chicago in 1998 and has lived in Berwyn, IL for over 10 years.

Cost for the entire experience


$40 at the door $35 pre-register $5 off if you bring a companion Get your tickets now and save some money!


What to bring - yoga mat - blankets - pillows