The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

GROOVE WITNESS w/TBA @9pm $10 GROOVE WITNESS Following in the tradition of other jazz-funk groups like Liquid Soul, Galactic, and Soulive, Groove Witness plays music informed by a driving rhythmic groove and jazz, funk, soul, and blues sensibilities. The members of Groove Witness have known each other for years: Paul, Marcus, & Nicolas have played music together since grade school; Dan & Mike have been playing together since 2007; Marcus & Veronica studied music in college together; Mike, Marcus, & Paul all played in the same jazz band in high school; and Marcus & Nicolas are brothers. This deep-rooted history has helped produce a cohesive and complex sound in every musical project these musicians have collaborated on. When a previous group including some of the musicians disbanded at the beginning of 2013, Paul, Marcus, Dan, and Mike formed Groove Witness as an outlet to write and perform their own new material, quickly adding a talented new vocalist and songwriter and other instrumentalists to the mix. After two years of crafting their sound at live shows around Chicago, the band released their debut album, Wandering Soul, in May of 2015. A second album, Hooks, was released in May of 2018. Both albums have a funky and soulful mix of original vocal and instrumental tunes.