The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

DIRTY GREEN DIRTY GREEN is authentic and bona fide heart-wailing, wily-wahoo music!. Open your ears and ya just might hear: a lonesome ballad or a blue-collar rant, a pseudo-rockabilly romp, a bar room hobo jingle or a good ol’ barn-burner. Nobody likes labels these days–but if ya just had to call it something, seems like Folkin’ Punktry would be a nice bow-tie ending. DIRTY GREEN don’t grow on trees—-so come join in the romp while the gettins’ good!

TRASH MOUNTAIN TRIO Trash Mountain Trio is a Wisconsin band, playing stripped down rootsy tunes inspired by classic honky tonk and bluegrass of the 50s and 60s. FEATURING--- Ramblin' Deano (Waco Bros.), Joan of Arkansas (Meat Purveyors) and Maggie D (Dirty Green.) PARAQUAT BOYS From the hollers of Harlan County Kentucky to the mean streets of Chicago the Paraquat Boys bring their down home family style of bluegrass and comedy to a stage near you. Baby Nephew - Banjo Uncle Lee - Guitar Uncle Jinx - Mandolin