The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

JAMES DEAN JOINT The James Dean Joint, is bringing their weird mix of rockabilly/garage/soul/God knows what to you, through recordings and live performances. Featuring: James Porter - Vocals & Harmonica Dean Goldstein III - Vocals & Bass Brian Sumida - Vocals & Drums Kevin Lee - Piano Tom Lunt - Guitar

CAMP CULTURE A mighty four-piece Psychedelic Rock band from Indianapolis, IN. SECRET LIVES Their roots clearly planted in the vast Midwest, The Secret Lives sing about the human experience like no other band can. The best compliment you can give them is that they don’t sound like any other band from the Chicago Area. You can hear their various roots, however they don’t manifest themselves as a tribute but rather a whole new set of ideas. Founded in 2015 they have gained an organic and steady following in Chicago’s south suburbs. Andy Victory sings and plays guitar like he has nothing to lose, but in the process connects with the listener in a way that gives them hope that there is a better day ahead. His subtle but crucial guitar playing matches his vocals almost seamlessly creating a sonic landscape that pulls the listener into the song. Rachel Darling sings with a fearless abandon that many singers hope to achieve but sometimes never find. Her adventurous approach to the violin gives the songs the final piece they need to make them both heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. The core members of this band compliment each other perfectly without taking anything away from the other, creating not just songs, but a musical experience. -Eddie Ryan The simple remedy 6pm doors/ 8pm music $10 cover