STATIONS OF THE COG: Art Show featuring old & new work by MATT GEER

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

STATIONS OF THE COG Art Show featuring old & new work by MATT GEER

Matt Geer is a rare breed of Chicago's avant-garde underbelly.His work is spontaneous, mostly self-taught with a foundation in street art, painting, and drawing. He is also known to work in textiles and found objects. He is breaking his work into different series, each with its ruleset and focus.His work shares the same underlying themes but with a shifting focus through the artist's lens. His current paintings have become more minimalist. He favors bold lines and color in a reimagining of his graphic roots and elevating what grabs the eye and casting the rest aside as unnecessary filler.Much of his work is described as Absurdist postmodern neo-minimalism, laced with "snark."

PLUS featuring LIVE MUSIC by

SILVER ABUSE-- One of Chicago's first punk bands, formed in 1977. "Useless wankers intent on scoffing or a band of overeducated guys filtering the detritus of post-modernism through a Dada lens. Pick one."

CLAWTOE--The one man punk band project by notorious rebel-rouser artist/musician Darius Hurley.

6pm Art show opening 8pm Music $10