THE FEDS w/ M.G BAILEY (punk/pop-punk-soul-blues)

The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

THE FEDS--ONe of Chicago's best Punk/Pop punk Tribute bands--guaranteed to feed your need for speed, pop-grit and prime-grime!!!

M.G BAILEY--- Bailey, a gentle giant of a man armed with a formidable array of unconventional instruments, has been blending punk, blues, pop and soul influences for his entire musical career, without any regard to what sells at the time. His new record, Long Time Comin’, is a celebration of that no-fucks aesthetic, featuring new material alongside fully-realized re-recordings of old songs, all rough edges and loud noises camouflaging a remarkable knack for pop songwriting and mind-bending musicianship.

6pm DOORS/ 8pm MUSIC $10