The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

Paul Abella's Questionable Decisions is an exciting new ensemble consisting of four of the Chicago Jazz scene's most unique musicians. All four of these musicians have played in myriad situations across multiple genres, and their flexibility is on full display whenever they start playing. They're a band upholding a tradition of Jazz as subversive party music. Drawing inspiration from Eddie Harris, Medeski, Martin & Wood, The Bad Plus, and Lester Bowie, they fuse Pop melodies, Jazz harmonies, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Funk rhythms, jammy improvisations with punk ferocity.

Or, as one friend once said, "someone's going to have to invent a whole new genre just to describe you guys."

KW3 Enter the groove-filled universe of KW3, a funky soul jazz trio that radiates energy and musical mastery. Fronted by the soulful tenor saxophonist and bass guitarist Keith Wakefield, whose notes dance effortlessly between nostalgia and innovation. With Michael Rataj on drums, laying down infectious rhythms that drive the heartbeat of the trio, and Erik Oldman on extended range guitar, adding funky licks that resonate with soulful vibes. Together, they create a sonic kaleidoscope that pays homage to jazz traditions while pushing the boundaries of soulful expression. KW3's performances are a journey through the heart of funk, soul, and jazz, where every note is a celebration of musical synergy and pure, unadulterated groove.

6pm DOORS/ 8pm MUSIC $10