CHRIS VS. CHRIS ART SHOW Opening featuring the artwork of Chris Trejo & Chris Brown

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The Outta Space, 6840 32nd St., Berwyn

CHRIS VS. CHRIS ART SHOW Opening featuring the artwork of Chris Trejo & Chris Brown

CHRIS BROWN- After dabbling off and on in the written and visual arts for most of my life, recently I discovered painting, and now focus on mostly oils, mostly abstract. While self-taught, I am always eager to learn, not just from experience but from others: teachers, artists, or, like me, people who just like to talk about art. It excites me because I know this well is bottomless, that I can explore, consume, surround myself with and create art ad infinitum and still find more to discover.

CHRIS TREJO My work is devoted to uncovering and highlighting the fundamental truths and commonalities that we share as human beings. I gravitate towards and utilize abstract shapes and intuitive lines to represent the human "form" thus stripping away identity pertaining to race , status or gender ( In the portfolio entitled "Dead do tell tales", I use the skeletal form to achieve this). Through space, environment , color and subtle gesture I portray the common elements and emotions shared by us all.

By doing this I challenge the concept of what I believe to be a well meaning but perhaps skewed contention that we are all so very different and unique, instead, focusing on the threads that bind us together.

As an artist I believe it is my duty and privilege to speak my truth no matter what medium, style or subject that I take on. As such, over the years I have developed various styles, techniques and disciplines and within each I practice this idea throughout as best I can.

Informed by the clarity of sobriety, a journey I am blessed to be on since early 2017,I strive to convey my conception of humanity, the necessity of joy and just as importantly, the appreciation and understanding for of one other that engenders compassion and empathy. Over the years my active addiction took me to many dark and desperate places, these experiences have each had a profound enlightening impact on my art as well as my character, they are as much a part of me and my story as are my deepest and fondest memories and they continue to have such power to transform my life and my work.

Sincerest gratitude, Christopher M Trejo